Sunday, October 27, 2013


Growing up as a child I never went trick or treating, in Australia Halloween isn't a very big tradition for us so I never got to participate. Its one of those activities I thought I would enjoy more when I was a child, but playing and experimenting with makeup and making up scary looks has been extremely entertaining for me. I was obsessed every since I saw Stephanie(SMLxo) do tutorial and I knew that I couldn't wait to try out different, fun and exciting ways to play with makeup and new products I wouldn't have used before. 
My friend Lisa had been invited to a Halloween party and we were brain storming on ideas of what she could go as. It was between school girl and cheerleader. She decided on half dead cheerleader. One side normal the other dead looking.
We were extremely happy with the way it came out! It becomes so addictive because we started with the face then moved to neck than moved onto arms to finish of the look with bruises and cuts.

We started with a bare face we did apply primer to the face as we need the makeup to be long wearing. To stick down the eyebrow and to make it a lighter colour we used white soap.

Moving forward a few steps. We added a light/white foundation to half of the face. We also went over it with white eye shadow and translucent powder to set the foundation but also to keep it matte. We than coloured it the hallow points in the face so the eye socket, jaw, temple and teeth. I used the NYX jumbo pencil in black which was perfect but again used a black eye shadow to set it.   

In this photo you can see I added some grey eye shadow to contour and blend, this adds an extra dimension. I also used the white NYX jumbo pencil to make the teeth whiter.

We than applied the glamorous side of the cheerleader, making sure we used lots of bronzer to contour and highlight.

Than the fun begins making bruises and cuts. We added fake blood for more of an effect but to also give it extra texture to make it appear even more real.

The final look! Of course it wouldn't be a cheerleader without pigtails so we did one normal cute and curly the next teased and messy.


I hope you enjoyed this half dead cheerleader look. I would love to see any other Halloween Tutorials or Pictorials please leave a comment below and I'll check it out.

Thank you to beautiful Lisa for being so patient.

Until next time