Thursday, March 28, 2013

10 Things About Me

Hi everyone I saw this on another blog and thought this would be a great way to get to know me!

Here we go !!!

1.      I have my Diploma in Events Management- I love everything about planning, organising and theming events and parties. Unfortunately I am in the wrong state in Australia and also I am being a little selfish.... I don't want to give up my weekends. lol I no.
2.      I am a very proud Aunty. I have an adorable little 3 year old niece Isla. And a handsome nephew Thomas who is 6 months. These are my elder sister kids. 
3.      I just bought my first Louis Vuitton- The Never fall 
4.      The first blog I ever watched was HRH Collection- I still love her blogs and videos I still can’t get enough.
5.      Nathan and I are currently looking at purchasing a property. We are so excited but it is definitely a scary thing to do. Here is Australia like most things it’s very very expensive, but good to get into the market.  
6.      I am obsessed with organising!! As weird as this sounds, I dream about a walk in closet perfectly organised! So exciting as Nathan has said I can use one of the rooms in our house as my makeup area and closet. The thought of setting it up!!! OMG Nothing excites me more than acrylic trays and a messy draw. 
7.      When I am passionate about something i talk really fast, don't breathe properly and speak with my hands. 
8.      Nathan and I Have all our future kids names picked out ( Including middle) 
9.      I work in a bank - Full time as a Customer Service Specialist I do Credit cards, Personal loans, opening of accounts and so on.  
10.  I can’t wait to move into our house as I am dying for a Pomeranian puppy who's name will be Lucy.
I hope you enjoyed some random facts about me!

If you have any questions please leave them bellow.

Thanks ladies

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Here's a quick nails of the day post! Love these two colours together. I cant help but keep my same kind of design with the ring finger always different or glittery.

Nail polishes
O.P.I - Mimosas for Mr & Mrs
Love and Beauty by forever 21- Pink glitter


Unfortunatley my poor brushes have been neglected lately, since having my Sigma brushes i am ashamed to say that they have not had a propper cleaning until today! I have watched many beauty guru's video's on how they clean there brushes and what they use to clean them ect.
Today even though i just got back from America, and have done all my shopping for the next 5 years lol, I still couldn't resist going to my favourite shopping centre Karrinyup. I have missed that place, wow i have a problem. anyways of course I went into Priceline ( Priceline is a drugstore to buy makeup, beauty, medicine ect ). There i was looking at all the brush cleaners, to my surprise when i smelt them i was shocked. I knew it wouldn't smell like roses but i couldn't stand the smell and was no way going to even put that on my brushes to which they than go onto my face!!!! I was talking to the lady at the counter who said that she uses Johnston's Johnston Baby Wash. I had heard of this before as it is much more gentle and didn't smell like paint remover. I decided to purchase the baby wash which was amazing. Keep in mind I hadn't washed my brushes in about 2 months ( I know it pains my to say it) all the makeup came off quiet easy, leaving the brushes back in there original form but smelling amazing. I would highly suggest to try this before using anything which has such harsh chemicals in it.

Warm Water and Baby wash
Make sure you dont leave your brushes as long as i did. Hopefully this post will help keep your brushes clean.
Thank you
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Suzie xox

Monday, March 18, 2013


I am Back!!!
Words can not explain this trip. It was everything I could have ever dreamed of. It seemed so serial as I have been saving and planning this trip for over 2 years now, than when it had finally arrived I was so excited as i had done so much preparation that I felt eager to get on the plane, and start my trip of a life time.
America was everything I had dreamed off and more. Getting off the 13 hour flight I was smiling ear to ear not just becuase of the long arse flight but becuase we were finally touching down at LAX. In some ways LA is a lot like Perth but just bigger and I mean bigger, the food, the shops, the drinks... everything.
Lets be honest as much as this was a sightseeing holiday as I have never been to America before, it was also very much a SHOPPING holiday. I have jealously looked as American websites for years seeing how amazing the clothes, jewellery and makeup were and finally I could experience it myself. One of my dreams since I was 16 which most American would take for granted is Victoria Secret I was so excited to step foot in there. A lot of people wouldn't even realise how much VS sell not just underwear but cloths, beauty, swimwear, bags and the list goes on. I myself  was excited for the Makeup, lotions and Perfumes. I have tried many of the VS makeup products but was too expensive to regularly get it shipped to Australia. So this was my chance to stock up ;)
The shopping malls are massive compared to here, I was so overwhelmed whenever we entered one. Nathan was so amazing he patiently waited for me while I was shopping. But he actually loved the shopping too, secretly he's worst than me but he'll never admit that.
I feel bad but Nathan kindly gave himself a nickname while we were away...

Bag Bitch !!!
 My Sister in Law Julz, said I should TM that and make T Shirts lol maybe I will lol
Believe it or not but Nathan wouldn't let me take the bags because he said I would whinge.
Anyways I have soo many photos to share with you! All up we took over 1600 so I have a lot to go through.

 Disney Land
Please stay tuned for more pictures of LA
Thank you for checking out my blog means the world.
Suzie xox

Thursday, March 14, 2013


I haven't wrote a post in so long !!! I was planning on doing one before i went away but the days leading up to my trip of a life time escaped me and before i knew it i was on a plane to LA. I got back yesterday so I am a little jet lagged and doing 3 loads of washing ect but i had to write a post today i was so excited to share with other people that have the same interest and likes and will defiantly understand my massive makeup buying problems lol.
Words can not explain my trip and i cant wait to share it with you. I took over 1500 photos and some videos which in the future i want to make into one and post on here or by than hopefully a YouTube channel. I was so lucky to go on this trip and i couldn't have asked for anything more. I had an amazing birthday in New York and shopped up a storm everywhere i went. What more could a girl ask for, right. America is amazing Nathan and i have been home 1 day and are already wondering when we can go back hopefully in a year to a year and half, and counting lol. I cant believe the food, service, friendless, shopping, makeup, restaurants, shows and the list goes on. The shopping over there is insane i literally could not stop shopping!! 8 handbags later over $600.00 in makeup purchased and many new outfits I am so excited to wear. Everything is sooooo much cheaper over there literally half the price than here.
Please stay tuned for everything America coming up.
Suzie xox