Thursday, March 14, 2013


I haven't wrote a post in so long !!! I was planning on doing one before i went away but the days leading up to my trip of a life time escaped me and before i knew it i was on a plane to LA. I got back yesterday so I am a little jet lagged and doing 3 loads of washing ect but i had to write a post today i was so excited to share with other people that have the same interest and likes and will defiantly understand my massive makeup buying problems lol.
Words can not explain my trip and i cant wait to share it with you. I took over 1500 photos and some videos which in the future i want to make into one and post on here or by than hopefully a YouTube channel. I was so lucky to go on this trip and i couldn't have asked for anything more. I had an amazing birthday in New York and shopped up a storm everywhere i went. What more could a girl ask for, right. America is amazing Nathan and i have been home 1 day and are already wondering when we can go back hopefully in a year to a year and half, and counting lol. I cant believe the food, service, friendless, shopping, makeup, restaurants, shows and the list goes on. The shopping over there is insane i literally could not stop shopping!! 8 handbags later over $600.00 in makeup purchased and many new outfits I am so excited to wear. Everything is sooooo much cheaper over there literally half the price than here.
Please stay tuned for everything America coming up.
Suzie xox