Thursday, March 28, 2013

10 Things About Me

Hi everyone I saw this on another blog and thought this would be a great way to get to know me!

Here we go !!!

1.      I have my Diploma in Events Management- I love everything about planning, organising and theming events and parties. Unfortunately I am in the wrong state in Australia and also I am being a little selfish.... I don't want to give up my weekends. lol I no.
2.      I am a very proud Aunty. I have an adorable little 3 year old niece Isla. And a handsome nephew Thomas who is 6 months. These are my elder sister kids. 
3.      I just bought my first Louis Vuitton- The Never fall 
4.      The first blog I ever watched was HRH Collection- I still love her blogs and videos I still can’t get enough.
5.      Nathan and I are currently looking at purchasing a property. We are so excited but it is definitely a scary thing to do. Here is Australia like most things it’s very very expensive, but good to get into the market.  
6.      I am obsessed with organising!! As weird as this sounds, I dream about a walk in closet perfectly organised! So exciting as Nathan has said I can use one of the rooms in our house as my makeup area and closet. The thought of setting it up!!! OMG Nothing excites me more than acrylic trays and a messy draw. 
7.      When I am passionate about something i talk really fast, don't breathe properly and speak with my hands. 
8.      Nathan and I Have all our future kids names picked out ( Including middle) 
9.      I work in a bank - Full time as a Customer Service Specialist I do Credit cards, Personal loans, opening of accounts and so on.  
10.  I can’t wait to move into our house as I am dying for a Pomeranian puppy who's name will be Lucy.
I hope you enjoyed some random facts about me!

If you have any questions please leave them bellow.

Thanks ladies