Monday, March 18, 2013


I am Back!!!
Words can not explain this trip. It was everything I could have ever dreamed of. It seemed so serial as I have been saving and planning this trip for over 2 years now, than when it had finally arrived I was so excited as i had done so much preparation that I felt eager to get on the plane, and start my trip of a life time.
America was everything I had dreamed off and more. Getting off the 13 hour flight I was smiling ear to ear not just becuase of the long arse flight but becuase we were finally touching down at LAX. In some ways LA is a lot like Perth but just bigger and I mean bigger, the food, the shops, the drinks... everything.
Lets be honest as much as this was a sightseeing holiday as I have never been to America before, it was also very much a SHOPPING holiday. I have jealously looked as American websites for years seeing how amazing the clothes, jewellery and makeup were and finally I could experience it myself. One of my dreams since I was 16 which most American would take for granted is Victoria Secret I was so excited to step foot in there. A lot of people wouldn't even realise how much VS sell not just underwear but cloths, beauty, swimwear, bags and the list goes on. I myself  was excited for the Makeup, lotions and Perfumes. I have tried many of the VS makeup products but was too expensive to regularly get it shipped to Australia. So this was my chance to stock up ;)
The shopping malls are massive compared to here, I was so overwhelmed whenever we entered one. Nathan was so amazing he patiently waited for me while I was shopping. But he actually loved the shopping too, secretly he's worst than me but he'll never admit that.
I feel bad but Nathan kindly gave himself a nickname while we were away...

Bag Bitch !!!
 My Sister in Law Julz, said I should TM that and make T Shirts lol maybe I will lol
Believe it or not but Nathan wouldn't let me take the bags because he said I would whinge.
Anyways I have soo many photos to share with you! All up we took over 1600 so I have a lot to go through.

 Disney Land
Please stay tuned for more pictures of LA
Thank you for checking out my blog means the world.
Suzie xox