Thursday, September 26, 2013

Saturday Shopping

Naturally I am a sucker for beauty magazines and advertising, so when my weekly delivery of junk mail showed up to my house I was a very happy girl. My favourite department store here in Australia is Myers and I received their beauty mag with lots of new products and some things I have been eyeing off for quite some time now. I immediately called my girlfriend to arrange a shopping day on Saturday. Of course I was ecstatic about this soon to be shopping spree, but my bank account wasn’t. We spent most of Saturday walking through our fav shopping centre trying out and seeking for new products and new outfits to put together.
 As many of you would have seen from my wish list post there were some things I had wanted to purchase and try, I was so happy that I got to get the Million by Paco Rabanne perfume I had wanted. I couldn’t stop thinking about it; it was truly love at first smell, lol.I was lucky I picked up some other bits and pieces, but my friend Pauline who came with me really got some amazing bargains. There are so many sales on here in Australia because its coming into the hotter months, many stores are getting rid of their winter stock to make room for all the spring and summer fashion, it was a perfect chance to pick up some sale items.


Lovisa had a 3 for $10.00 sale so I purchased 6 items all but 1 being rings and 1 necklace. I couldn’t believe the prices as some of these rings originally were $14.99 each I really could miss up this opportunity.

I have wanted a pair of these sunglasses ever since I saw Alex from HRH Collection wearing them. I opted out of spending $400.00 dollars on a pair of designer ones as I think this will be a fashion that goes quickly. So when I spotted them in Dotti (a clothing store here in Aus) I was delighted, especially because they suited my face well and were only $20.00!

Oh course I couldn’t go shopping without a trip into my favourite drug store Priceline! I didn’t purchase much here this time but I did buy a Australis Concealer that Pauline had suggested.

I did for once buy something other than accessories, I know shock and horror right! It wasn't much but I purchase this beautiful peplum top by Jag and a simple black dress from Miss Shop both from Myers.

Thanks for viewing my blog! I have heaps of new blogs ready to put up, which will be going up after Monday next week. This weekend I am going on a mini getaway with friends so check out my instagram and future blog posts for OOTD




Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Makeup Obsessing!

So lately I have been obsessing over some makeup and beauty products I have wanted to try out for quite some time now! The problem is that of course most of these items are higher end products, with a higher end price tag. Therefore I can't go out and grab them all! Well certainly not in Australia as the prices here are about 3 times the prices in America (not kidding) lol. Anyways I thought this would be a fun way to show you all the products I am wanting and hopefully over time I will get to try some of these items out and do some reviews!
The St Tropez Tan is supposed to be amazing! I have been wanting to try it out for so long now but with a $45.00 price tag I have never justified it.

I have used another primer by Napoleon and I loved it!! This product is really for me as this targets my number 1 problem area!

This product has been all over blogs and Youtube can't wait to try this out.

This was an accidental find I was looking for a new fragrance and stumbled across this, I think this is the top of my list!

My sister swears by this, for a full coverage foundation. It is quite expensive but it would last you a very long time.

I mean do I have to explain? these colour aghh !!!!

Wanting to switch up my cleansing routine thought this would be perfect!
Let me know if you have any wish list or products you are lusting over !!
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Sunday, September 15, 2013

The little black dress. My way !

So as all of you would know by now I love my accessories! When putting an outfit together most people think of the clothes than the shoes, bag and jewellery for me it’s the other way around if I know what accessories I want to wear I normally will plan the outfit around that piece. So for me this is why a little black dress (LBD) is an absolute staple in my wardrobe.
This dress is so simple that I can accessories it to the max! Whether I am going to the shops or out for dinner I can transform this dress to make it a complete different look. A classic example of this would be with my emerald green obsession! An LBD looks amazing with emerald green hair up, with a statement necklace or earrings, red lip and heels. I find it is immediately a dressy, stylish look for the evening.
 The first look is my more dressy version of the LBD, the other 2 are more casual.

Dress: Supre
Bag: Forever New
Jewellery: Colette
Shoes: Whittner

Jacket: Finders Keepers
Jewellery: Colette and online stores
Bag: Forever New
shoes: K mart


Jacket: Kenji
Boots: Famous
Bag and Jewellery Colette

I hope everyone enjoyed this post. If you have any posts showing ways to utilise your LBD I would love to view it!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I thought I would share one of my outfits from the other day! It was a beautiful sunny day in Perth, I had organised a lunch for Nathan’s Birthday with both of our families. We went to a restaurant at the boat harbour so it was semi dressy but not extremely. So I opted in for my go to outfit, pencil skirt and a peplum top. This has become an absolute staple in my wardrobe, as I feel most comfortable wearing it.
The main thing about my style is that it is quiet basic. I love to wear a plain top but then add a statement necklace to than give it life and extra colour. My accessories on this day however where very basic as it was a during the day  event and along the beach, I opted out of big feels and a statement necklace this time as I thought it would be a little to OTT.


Top from Ladaka
Skirt from Kmart
Jewellery from Diva, Colette and Sportsgirl
To curl my hair i used the Remington hot wand
Makeup use
Victoria Secret- Primer
Mac - Foundation liquid and powder
Nars- Blush
BH Cosmetics- 120 Palette
Rimel- Eye liner bottom
Mac- Eyeliner top
Sigma- Brow Palette
Chanel - Mascara
Nyx- Lipstick
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Monday, September 9, 2013


One beauty product that was not always my favourite were lipstick and lip gloss! I know right it completes the makeup look and yet it wouldn’t be a staple, when applying my daily routine to my skin. It’s funny because I wouldn’t think twice about applying bronzer or blush but with lipstick I used to never really wear it until NOW! I have a new passion and love for wearing lipsticks and finishing off the look properly. I have also now come across Lip liners which I am now ashamed to say that I thought they were for older women but now I find myself grabbing for one everyday even with a clear gloss, and wow what an improvement. Its funny how one little step can finish complete the look why hadn’t I done this sooner? So I asked myself that questions, I thought about it and then it came to me maybe it’s because I just hadn’t found the right combination and consistency.  Everyone would now be sick of my going on about my new found loves the Maybelline Colour Whispers which are my holy grail of the year, but I have also got a new love for MAC lipsticks. The one thing I do not like about these are the smell and taste but the way these lipsticks apply and last make them the perfect lipstick for me.
One other lip products I have loved are the lip stains. Another reason why I believe I never wore much gloss and lipsticks were because I felt like every 30 minutes I needed to reapply. This is why I am loving the Loreal and Revlon ones there incredible definitely go check them out.


Go out and try some of these lipsticks! My advice suss out what you like and what works for you, once you have found it buy every colour ;)
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Monday, September 2, 2013

Pictures from my Weekend

This weekend like most of my weekends were jammed pack! With Nathan’s finales in football, a spot of shopping in the city, dinner with some friends on sat night and father’s day I didn’t stop. My outfits for the weekend had to be practical but also stylish and fun, as I was literally going from one activity to another. So all these photos are from my busy weekend!! BTW unfortunately didn't buy anything shopping but another haul will be coming soon! 

Sorry about the lack of Manicure.. dying for one

Who doesn't love a car selfie!

Lunch in the city with my friends

Birthday Girl

In love with this bag one of my fav America Purchases.
I hope everyone had a great weekend and spoilt there Father's!!
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