Monday, September 9, 2013


One beauty product that was not always my favourite were lipstick and lip gloss! I know right it completes the makeup look and yet it wouldn’t be a staple, when applying my daily routine to my skin. It’s funny because I wouldn’t think twice about applying bronzer or blush but with lipstick I used to never really wear it until NOW! I have a new passion and love for wearing lipsticks and finishing off the look properly. I have also now come across Lip liners which I am now ashamed to say that I thought they were for older women but now I find myself grabbing for one everyday even with a clear gloss, and wow what an improvement. Its funny how one little step can finish complete the look why hadn’t I done this sooner? So I asked myself that questions, I thought about it and then it came to me maybe it’s because I just hadn’t found the right combination and consistency.  Everyone would now be sick of my going on about my new found loves the Maybelline Colour Whispers which are my holy grail of the year, but I have also got a new love for MAC lipsticks. The one thing I do not like about these are the smell and taste but the way these lipsticks apply and last make them the perfect lipstick for me.
One other lip products I have loved are the lip stains. Another reason why I believe I never wore much gloss and lipsticks were because I felt like every 30 minutes I needed to reapply. This is why I am loving the Loreal and Revlon ones there incredible definitely go check them out.


Go out and try some of these lipsticks! My advice suss out what you like and what works for you, once you have found it buy every colour ;)
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