Friday, August 12, 2016

How to clean your Makeup Brushes!!!

Lets be honest we don't do it enough!!! But theres nothing better than sitting down at my vanity to do my makeup using clean brushes. You think this feeling would actually make me clean them more. 

Check out my latest video to see how I clean them using a great tool I got off Ebay for $2.00

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Some of my Favs

Hi beauties here are some of my favourite looks that I have created recently! Be sure to check out my Youtube channel and Instagram to stay up to date with my uploads. 

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Hope everyone is well!! 
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Tuesday, May 17, 2016


I have always wanted to do one of these on my blog so when I saw that Elf had come out with a perfect dupe for the Nars duo in Laguna and Orgasim I thought it would be perfect for my first one.

Obviosuly from the brands there is a very big price difference between the two. My overall opinion is that the Elf blush and bronzer is just as good as the Nars so if you can not afford to try out the Nars please dont miss out and try the Elf.

Left is Elf Right is Nars 

The bronzers are nearly assact. I cant even tell the difference of which one I prefer. The colours are almost the same the texture and the way it looks on my skin is flawless with both. The only little difference is that I think the Nars one does stay on my skin a little longer.

With the blushes the organisgm is a little deeper in colour but there is not to much of a difference. On this skin they both look incrediable applying the most perfect blushy pink colour. Both blushes are super pigmented and apply beautifully on the skin. Again like the bronzer if we are getting really picky the Nars one stays on longer than the Elf. The blush from Elf also has a little more glitter in it so if this isnt your thing than go with Nars

I find myself using the elf one on a daily basis, especially the bronzer, with a price point of under $15.00 it doesnt matter if you go through it.

If you are picticular with packaging like I am I bet your thinking that the Elf wouldn't be as nice! But in fact there are both the same in my opinion.

Overall if your on a price crunch than defitiley try out the Elf one but if you like to splurge on a quality product than the Nars is for you!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lets Talk Hair Extensions!

Hi everyone, Yes I am back! I can not wait to re launch Style Couture Beauty with you all soon. I have some exciting things coming your way so please stay tuned, not only on here but on my Youtube channel and on my Instagram. But enough about that onto todays topic.....

Hair extensions!

For a self anounced "girly girly" you would assume this would be a staple in my beauty room! But infact until this past weekend I have never used/ owned hair extensions before, so you can guess my excitment when I got the opportunity to work with an amazing company and try them out for myself.
I was kindly sent some hair extensions by Irresitable Me! This was such an exciting process. I jumped on there website and imediantly starting researching the different types, lenths and colours. I know this may seem like basic information for all my fellow hair extension wearing ladies but for me I was so suprised at the sellection process. I watched a colour selecting video which made the process really easy. I am so happy with the colour I picked which was Chocolate Brown to say it is an exact match would be an understatment. The length( 24 inches) and weight were also beyond perfect. When curling my hair last night I found it hard to distinguish what was my hair and what was the hair extension. In my mind I always thought hair extension would be wirey and not natural looking however these Iresitable Me extensions blended perfectly with my hair I could defintily feel the quality of this product. As I am a newby to hair extension I was a little scared about putting them in and also styling them, however when sitting down on saturday night to do my hair it was suprisigly easy. When using my favourite curling iron, the curl turned out exactly how it would in my natural hair and infact the curl stayed in longer.

If you are looking at getting some hair extensions I would highly recommend checking out Irresistible Me Hair extensions - or check out there Instagram Page irresistableme_hair

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Christmas Gift Sets

I love this time of year the weather is getting warmer, its time for parties, Sunday afternoon drinks and its almost time for Christmas! I love the spirit of Christmas, the time spent with family and friends, the decorations, gift buying and the overall festivities.
When it comes to beauty this would be one of my favourite times of the year I love the beauty packs that each brand launch every year. This packs are not only great value for money but there normally the best of there products for the year, in the best packaging but my favourite part is that you can buy the gift sets that are mini's or sample sizes so that you can try without having to buy the full size not knowing wether or not you will like it. I did this last year with the benefit gift pack I loved it ! It was $36.00 and had around 10 to 12 travel size items. I had never used many Benefit products before so this was perfect for me to try and than buy the ones I wanted from there.

I have seen some of the Tarte collection and I think they look amazing! I really want to get my hands on some of that. Also Mac do a great Holiday Collection so hopefully I can try some of those.

Today in the mail I recieved a Mecca catolgue which got me even more excited for the upcomming season.
The Nars limited edition Fashion Tech Gloss looks perfect for me you get 4 in the pack for $52.00
Another Nars gift set is the Laser cut cheek eye and lip set which gives you 3 eye shaddows, A blush and bronzer and a miniutre lipgloss for $79.00
Lastly from Nars is the Hi def lip colour pencils - you get 5 for $65.00
I have always wanted to try out the Mecca brand of skin care however it has been on the pricy side and have also bought cheaper but again they have created a great travel size pack with 7 travel size skincare products for $70.00 which has everything you need to trial out there skincare before buying the full size.

The most excited limited edition gift set of this year would be the Glam Glow gift set for $92.00 which comes with the full size Thirstymud hydrating treatment and smaller size of the supermud and youthmud.

Now by no means is this all of the gift sets available honestly this year Nars has got so many amazing gift sets that I believe are the perfect presents.

If the above ones are too expensive Bare Minerals have some great stocking stuffers. The first one is a lipgloss and mascara for $19.00 and the second 2 lipglosses for $26.00.
Hopefully that helps you for some great ideas. All in one shop!!!
 Happy shopping !!!