Sunday, December 30, 2012


One thing I love about living in Australia are the beaches! Although I only live 5 mins away I am not there as much as i want to be!!! But that's my new years resolution to get to the beach more. We are so lucky here in Perth we have the most amazing coastline, sunsets and I can not wait to take advantage of this ASAP. We have been having a " Heat Wave" Lately but i haven't really noticed it I am liking the heat. For the past 6 days it has been more than 38 to 41 degrees. Which I am loving but doesn't look like its stopping, with tomorrow New Years eve to be 39 degrees which means it will be very hot in the nightclubs here. Oh Well Mac Makeup to the rescue.

Christmas Prezzie's

Hello, I hope everyone had a happy, safe Christmas. My Christmas this year was jammed pack. Nathan and I left at 7.30am and didn't get home to 10.30 pm 4 Christmas in one day!!!! So was very tired on boxing day. As always i received some amazing gifts from family and friends! Cant wait to try some out. I have taken photos of everything as i love seeing photos over lots of rambling Lol.

I was very excited as i purchased my first clear cude, kardashian makeup box or clear acrylic cube whichever you call it from the Makeup Box Shop I love my cube but was a little disappointed at the size!! In the photo it looked huge but when i received it in the mail i was small. The price was $142.00 i thin with free postage. I also got a mirrored tray to store perfumes in but when i saw the size it was huge lol i cant win so now it will be more of a coffee table centre piece i think.

I received some amazing things from Chi Chi that Nathan bought me. Nail Polishes, bath salts, bronzing dust and finally a Hard drive. Swear I am the only person who doesn't have one!!!
My lovely friend Pauline spoilt me with some Lush goodies which I am so excited to try out!. And some jewellery from Colette which would have to be one of my most fav shops at the moment.
Nathan and i got lots of $$$$$ for our travels to America. And we also got lots of gift vouchers for Myers to shop in preparation for America.
These are some of the beauty gifts i received! Thanks for viewing my blog today please leave a comment if you have any questions.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Hi Everyone, So its Christmas Eve and I am exhausted!!!! End of work well at least for two days, Gifts wrapped and under the tree, Nails done, Fake Tan done and hair straight! Finally 9.30 and i can relax. I doesn't feel like Christmas for me yet because I've been busy for the last couple of weeks but finally its hit. Especially now that i have a niece and nephew who make Christmas exciting again.I cant help but spoil them as i love seeing my niece Isla rip open her prezzies. I am so excited this year because she has been asking for a washing machine for weeks, i hunted high and low and finally found one. I should mention she just turned three so she loves all that stuff. I bought her a full laundry pack ironing board, iron, washing machine and clothes line.

I have been buying lots of prezzies i swear for everyone i bought i bought something for myself! Ill take photos of everything and my gifts i got after Christmas. Whats even more exciting is the boxing day sales not sure if ill get time to go but defiantly on the weekend. NOTE TO SELF - Suzie America .... no spending!!!!!

Have a great Christmas !!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nearly Christmas

Yay its nearly Christmas, 6 sleeps to go!!! So happy i have finished all of my shopping. there wrapped and waiting under my tree. My best friend and I always do a gift for each other to which we have opened already! This year we decided to do a $30.00 gift for each other and iam  so happy with what she got me. I recieved a pack of Lush products which is really exciting as we didnt have a Lush store near us until recently. I have always wanted to try Lush products but thought they were too expensive. After using these products i was amazed at the quality. So if your in need of any last minute gifts or wanting to splurge on some bath products than i would suggest you go out and try them.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Chistmas Party !

Hi everyone, So last night was my christmas party for work. It was a sit down dinner, at a beautiful resort so was quiet dressy. I wore one of my fav dresses that I purchased from Myer for my brothers wedding but thought it would be the perfect op to wear it again. Its a dark blue with amazing jewel detailing on the shoulder and the side. Here are some pictures of my hair makeup outfit ect.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nails Nails Nails

There's nothing better than going to get a mani or pedi! Lately i have been splurging on these often. Once i tried Shellac i cant go back lol Iam so sick and tired of spending half an hour doing my nails to than it be chipped or wrecked 1 day later. No matter if i use a under coat or a top coat it just seems to peel. Than i came across Shellac !

 I have never like acrylic nails as i got them  for my 21 Birthday and it took around 5 months for them to be back to normal. Saying that i will probs have to get them for America as iam going for a month i want perfect nails the whole time without worrying about chipping.

When i can be bothered to paint my own nails, i do like to experiment with glitters and colours.

Monday, December 10, 2012

First Blog !!

Hi everyone!

Yay First Blog Ever!!!!!! Iam So excited to get started. I have finally got the courage to start my blog something i have wanted to do for some time now. So thankyou to my fellow blogger and amazing friend Pauline from Instinctofstyle and my bestie Kate for the spell checking and to Nathan for putting up with my expensive shopping trips lol otherwise i would have not been able to get started! I feel like i have so much to talk about and share as i am so excited about 2013 so much is happening. Firstly i am going on my trip of my life time, something i have planned for many years now..... America !!!! Finally i can actually purchase items instore lol iam so excited about what seems such simple things to other, but so very precious to me such as Sephora, Alta and Victoria Secret to name a few.  Iam counting down the days until my partner Nathan and I get on the plane and arrive in LA. Secondly Nathan and I are wanting to purchase a house together! And thirdly Thailand for New years 2014 !!!! So very very very expensive year ahead.

                  Speaking of expensive i cant wait to purchase my first designer bag in America !!!!!