Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nails Nails Nails

There's nothing better than going to get a mani or pedi! Lately i have been splurging on these often. Once i tried Shellac i cant go back lol Iam so sick and tired of spending half an hour doing my nails to than it be chipped or wrecked 1 day later. No matter if i use a under coat or a top coat it just seems to peel. Than i came across Shellac !

 I have never like acrylic nails as i got them  for my 21 Birthday and it took around 5 months for them to be back to normal. Saying that i will probs have to get them for America as iam going for a month i want perfect nails the whole time without worrying about chipping.

When i can be bothered to paint my own nails, i do like to experiment with glitters and colours.