Monday, August 26, 2013

Everyday Makeup Pictorial

I love viewing pictorials, even though this isn’t a step by step pictorial I thought it would be fun to see the products I use and in what order. Some may say how hard is it to put on makeup! What I find exciting is that you could get a group of beauty lovers together, give them the same products and tell them to put them on, chances are not all of them use the same technique. Everyone has their own method, rules and application steps to getting ready in the morning. One thing I have noticed many beauty gurus doing differently from me is they put blush on last, my preference is to complete my face first and then move onto eyes, I like to finish one section than move onto another. So this isn’t wrong by any means but it just shows us that makeup can be objective, it doesn’t have to be the same which is why it’s fun, exciting and definitely interchanging! It is really true what they say, Makeup is really an art form and your face is the canvas, cliché maybe, but it’s true.  






The finished product!
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Monday, August 19, 2013

New Products for the Month

So this month I have been making too many purchase of makeup and beauty items. To say the least I have spent many hours online looking at products or rushing into Priceline for yet another sale! Hello my name is Suzie and I am addicted to Makeup!!! I feel at the moment that my life is consumed of makeup and beauty and I cannot get enough. If only I was this passionate about deciding on a house plan. The problem is when I find something that I love I want it in every colour to add to my growing collection.
Some of the items I did purchase I have been looking at for a while now and finally purchased them such as the Sigma products I’ll talk about below. See I really do have problems!  Justifying the reason why I purchased makeup lol. Its growing harder and harder to watch TV, purchase magazines or go on social media these days as all I see is sales or discounts on makeup and I can simply not resist. Clearly I have no willpower when it comes to makeup.
With that said I am super happy with the purchases made!!! These products would probably be some of my favourite of the YEAR.





I cannot wait to try and use all of these products, especially playing around with the BH cosmetics palette. I bought this palette as I need more colour on my eyes. I do my favourite and go to emerald eye look but wanting to have fun with some bright colours.
Also if you can’t tell I am currently reading Lauren Conrad’s book “Style”.
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Monday, August 12, 2013

My Exciting News

I am really excited I get to share this news with you all. It’s something that I have been planning for a while now.........


 I am finally going to start my YOUTUBE channel! This is something I have wanted to do for a very long time and I can’t believe it is actually going to happen.  My dream was always to do YouTube videos so I am happy that I can finally follow my true passion, something that I can focus all my time and energy into, expressing my beauty, makeup, style, fashion, organisation and my  day to day life with you all.
My plan is to film around 5 to 10 than launch them on my YouTube channel, so the next month or so I am busy filming away.
However, I am a little upset because my plan was to do my blog until I moved into my new house, to film in my(beauty room) but I thought as that is still going to be a least a year away why wait! I am busy waiting for my lighting to arrive and just some finishing touches so I can start to film, so please keep an eye out on here because I will announce it through here first!
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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Art of Organising

One of my passions that run alongside my beauty addiction is organising. I absolutely love organising makeup and beauty products, creating fun and exciting ways to display and store my makeup. I believe to have effective makeup collection; it all starts with the foundation of organising. I love how I currently store my makeup. My first draw is for face- Primer, foundation, powder and concealers, the next draw blushes and bronzers and so on. Having it organising and stored properly doesn’t only make it easier to get ready but it preserves the products too. I love having My Alex draws from IKEA so many beauty gurus have these, inside I have white and clear containers so it’s all perfectly organised. Let’s just say if someone moved something I would know!
So naturally as this is a passion of mine I was edging to improve others beauty / makeup storage, so when my beastie asked me to help out with hers I of course accepted.
This is it Before




 Lets see if she keeps it this way!!!!

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