Monday, August 19, 2013

New Products for the Month

So this month I have been making too many purchase of makeup and beauty items. To say the least I have spent many hours online looking at products or rushing into Priceline for yet another sale! Hello my name is Suzie and I am addicted to Makeup!!! I feel at the moment that my life is consumed of makeup and beauty and I cannot get enough. If only I was this passionate about deciding on a house plan. The problem is when I find something that I love I want it in every colour to add to my growing collection.
Some of the items I did purchase I have been looking at for a while now and finally purchased them such as the Sigma products I’ll talk about below. See I really do have problems!  Justifying the reason why I purchased makeup lol. Its growing harder and harder to watch TV, purchase magazines or go on social media these days as all I see is sales or discounts on makeup and I can simply not resist. Clearly I have no willpower when it comes to makeup.
With that said I am super happy with the purchases made!!! These products would probably be some of my favourite of the YEAR.





I cannot wait to try and use all of these products, especially playing around with the BH cosmetics palette. I bought this palette as I need more colour on my eyes. I do my favourite and go to emerald eye look but wanting to have fun with some bright colours.
Also if you can’t tell I am currently reading Lauren Conrad’s book “Style”.
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Until next time




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