Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Art of Organising

One of my passions that run alongside my beauty addiction is organising. I absolutely love organising makeup and beauty products, creating fun and exciting ways to display and store my makeup. I believe to have effective makeup collection; it all starts with the foundation of organising. I love how I currently store my makeup. My first draw is for face- Primer, foundation, powder and concealers, the next draw blushes and bronzers and so on. Having it organising and stored properly doesn’t only make it easier to get ready but it preserves the products too. I love having My Alex draws from IKEA so many beauty gurus have these, inside I have white and clear containers so it’s all perfectly organised. Let’s just say if someone moved something I would know!
So naturally as this is a passion of mine I was edging to improve others beauty / makeup storage, so when my beastie asked me to help out with hers I of course accepted.
This is it Before




 Lets see if she keeps it this way!!!!

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