Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Last but finally not least New York

Ok so finally I have my blog on New York!! Oh how I missed New York what’s not to love right? The shopping, entertainment, lights, atmosphere and fine dining aghh take my back to February. I didn’t realise while I was over there how much I love the big apple. Nathan and I were talking about it and we cannot wait to rush back. We were lucky we had 11 nights there because everyone was like you can never have too much time in New York. This is true by the way! We were there 6 days before we had even seen the Hudson River. God know what we were doing but before you know it, it’s gone in a New York minute.
Everything is so fast passed here, I felt overwhelmed at times with the lights and people going by. Constantly memorised with what was happening next. I felt my mouth was on the floor the whole time as I was trying to take in as much as I could locking it away in my memory.
We only took 2 taxis the entire time we were in New York as we wanted to experience everything by foot, also this way if we wanted to stop we could. One thing I love about America is that the shops don’t shut at 5pm. I remember Nathan and I arrived at like 12 o’clock at night but we were too excited to sleep we walked to Times Square which was breathtaking! It was electric and buzzing, even though it was late at night. Shops were still open, restaurants still serving food and beverages it was truly like this place never sleeps.


The day i bought my first LV



Nathan is too cute he got my these 12 stem red roses for my birthday they literally up to my hips. I was so sad when I had to leave them behind!

Birthday dinner at Budakan The restaurant in the first Sex and the City movie where Carrie and big have there engagement! It was amazing!




I loved America I can't wait to go back!!
I also want to do a blog on my purchases so look out for that.
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Monday, July 22, 2013

My Weekend

Wow was I glad it was the weekend! It’s been a hard week for me so I was happy to kick up my heels and spend time with my friends and family.  Well kind of anyways, it all began the following Saturday I was sick of being sick, feeling tired and not 100% so I decided to do something about it! I booked in to see a naturopath; it was definitely an eye opener to say the least. Even though I am big, I exercise, don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke and eat a pretty good diet, I thought my body would be a little better.  Especially because I am not running, and getting fast food on my lunch break and I do monitor what I eat on a daily bases. So when the Naturopath rattled off a list of things I was truly shocked, well definitely with some things anyways.  I won’t bore you with the details but I knew if I wanted to feel better I would have to up the ante.  I am starting with a three week detox. 1 week down and feeling great it was hard at first because I am eating gluten free and having No caffeine HENCE why I was glad it was the weekend , not to cheat but just so I was more relaxed! I will definitely update you with what I have been doing and my progress. 
Anyways on with the weekend, Saturday I went up to my favourite shopping mall Karrinyup to have a look around, who I am I kidding I went up there to spend some serious cash on makeup lol but I didn’t, I held constraint for once I was like Suzie you are building a house do you really this!!!! The answer was of course! lol just joking I didn’t , but I did buy 2 more Maybeline Whispers to which I am in love with by the way. I would have to say there my favourite lipstick of the year.

Apart from my shopping adventure I had a cruisy day at home until that night, where I was going out my all my fav girlies. I haven’t been clubbing in a while, so I was excited to get dolled up and hit the town. What a night I can easily say it was one of my best girl’s nights out night in months. So after many of hours dancing the night away it was time to put up the heels and head home. As I wasn’t drinking I drove in to make it easier. I normally park at my trusty parking lot but to my surprise at 1.20am on Sunday morning it now closes at 1.00!!!!! Meaning my car was locked away with no way home! I have to laugh about it now but at the time I was freezing an over it. But when I think about it these little hiccups are what you and your girl friends will laugh at in years to come. Let’s just say after everything I didn’t go to bed until 4.00. Great night though wouldn’t change a thing.
I am very lucky to have the people I do have in my life and it was fun to share and make another incredible memory with them!

I hope everyone had a amazing weekend too!
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Thursday, July 11, 2013


Hello! so as promised I have another post up for you all! As from the title you can see I am doing a quick OOTD (Outfit of the Day). The past Saturday I had a friend’s surprise birthday party which was a wine tour through the Swan Valley in Perth. I had an amazing day, unfortunately I dressed like it was a 35 degrees day because for me nothing screams out Summer than a Wine Tour! So I wore my summer outfit with a flowy jacket I had purchased on my recent trip to Melbourne.
I normally don't wear white but as this was a day event I didn't feel right wearing all black, plus i wanted to try out my bag I purchased at a boutique in Grand Central Station in New York. So like most of my outfits it was put together from the accessories up.
Just a quick post I hope you like it
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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The unexpected Prize!

Hello Lovelies! Sorry it has been too long since I have last posted a Blog. Nathan and I have been very busy as I forgot to mention Nathan and I purchased a block of land! We are really excited but unfortunately my weekends at the moment have been consisting of going to display homes to get ideas therefore I haven’t had much time to get one here and blog. With that said I promise to get some more up this week to make it up.
As I explained in my last post, I entered a competition through Instragram. I was contacted by Chi Chi an Australia make up brand who had said for me to post my photo in their latest comp to go into the winning for some prizes. Luckily that night I entered and I ended up being one of the lucky WINNERS!!! I was so thrilled, later on in the week I received an email saying I hadn’t given them an address to send my prize too. Anyways long story short two days after giving them my address a parcel showed up on my doorstep.

I couldn’t believe the box, as there were many winners I thought we might have got a lipstick or a nail polish each, but they were so generous. My prize was worth over $120.00 all for posting a photo.  

The funny thing was I had heard so many good things about these eye shadow pallets I was going to purchases one next time I was in Myers, the problem of course was which one to choose but now I can try out all of them. Recently Satnightsalrite did a video on her top 5 eye shadow pallets and the Chi Chi Rich Gems was one, so I can’t wait to try it out.

I also received 2x nail polish sets to do textured nail like the caviar and pearl look. I haven’t yet tried them but I am curious on how they work and last.
Last by not least I received a Eau De parfum in watermelon which reminds me of summer. This will be a great way to freshen up throughout summer while running around, still wanting a light fragrance without having a heavy scent.
Thank you so much to Chi Chi for my amazing prize! I can't wait to try it all out.
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Monday, July 1, 2013

Curls Pictorial

I thought this would be a good way to show everyone how I curl my hair. I am however very lucky to naturally have very curly hair but when I go out or have an event on I want to do something with my hair and not just leave it natural. I have three to four different ways to curl my hair but going to show you 3 ways in the pictorial.

The three tools I normally go to for my curls are

GHD Straighter

Hot rollers

Curling Wand
In the pictorial below you will see what I use and how I do each curl the best way that works for me.
So to get the above curl I use my Remington Curling Wand That I got from Priceline. This is my favourite way at the moment to curl my hair. I call this my mermaid curl.

My second tool I love to use are my Hot rollers. I absolutely love love love the curl that this gives. No matter how hard I try I can never get the volume/ bounce that I can get with these. This curl I love because it’s dressy and is perfect for up do’s. It’s a little old school but it works!

This curl is called my Victoria Secret Curl.


My Third and final Hair tool I like to use is my GHD Hair straightener.  I have only just perfected this way of curling, as for my sometimes it looks great and sometime not! Therefore I cannot rely on it for an event or special occasion, but when it works I love it.
This curl is called my effortless curl, For everyday glamour.




I hope you enjoyed this pictorial! It was really fun putting this together. Thanks to my bestie ;) If you would like to see any other pictorial please let me know.
Also I am really excited on my instagram (stylecouturebeauty) page I posted a while back a picture of my nails using the Chi Chi glitter nail polish. I received a comment from Chi Chi saying I should enter this photo into a competition, anyways I did and I won along with some other winners. Not sure what ill win I believe they will send some make up for me to try out! Really excited J  if I do get sent some goodies ill make sure I do a haul.
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