Monday, July 1, 2013

Curls Pictorial

I thought this would be a good way to show everyone how I curl my hair. I am however very lucky to naturally have very curly hair but when I go out or have an event on I want to do something with my hair and not just leave it natural. I have three to four different ways to curl my hair but going to show you 3 ways in the pictorial.

The three tools I normally go to for my curls are

GHD Straighter

Hot rollers

Curling Wand
In the pictorial below you will see what I use and how I do each curl the best way that works for me.
So to get the above curl I use my Remington Curling Wand That I got from Priceline. This is my favourite way at the moment to curl my hair. I call this my mermaid curl.

My second tool I love to use are my Hot rollers. I absolutely love love love the curl that this gives. No matter how hard I try I can never get the volume/ bounce that I can get with these. This curl I love because it’s dressy and is perfect for up do’s. It’s a little old school but it works!

This curl is called my Victoria Secret Curl.


My Third and final Hair tool I like to use is my GHD Hair straightener.  I have only just perfected this way of curling, as for my sometimes it looks great and sometime not! Therefore I cannot rely on it for an event or special occasion, but when it works I love it.
This curl is called my effortless curl, For everyday glamour.




I hope you enjoyed this pictorial! It was really fun putting this together. Thanks to my bestie ;) If you would like to see any other pictorial please let me know.
Also I am really excited on my instagram (stylecouturebeauty) page I posted a while back a picture of my nails using the Chi Chi glitter nail polish. I received a comment from Chi Chi saying I should enter this photo into a competition, anyways I did and I won along with some other winners. Not sure what ill win I believe they will send some make up for me to try out! Really excited J  if I do get sent some goodies ill make sure I do a haul.
Thank you yet again for viewing my Blog
Lots of love