Monday, June 17, 2013

The Accidental Shopping Day

So as you see by the title, I have been on one too many shopping trips in the last 2 weeks! I need to get out of my routine which is Saturday= shopping lol. Normally I prefer accessories shopping like jewellery or makeup but the last couple of weeks I have actually been finding some new fashion items. You see I am the kind of girl who tends to walk straight to the bag or jewellery section instead of clothes. Don’t get me wrong I do love my clothes but I guess because of my size it’s not as easy to always find what I am looking for. So I must be on a lucky streak. I think that’s why by heart I am an accessories girl because no matter what size I am I Know my jewels and Handbag will always look great. My best friend Kate gets my bag obsession and we complement each other well because I have the bags, she has the shoes! This woman has sooooo many shoes all perfectly sitting in her wardrobe in boxes like artwork. It’s funny because I am not the biggest fan of shoe shopping and Kate doesn’t have a large bag collection so when we go shopping we drag each other to our favourite departments.
The pieces I did purchase will go to great use. I have a lot of dressy clothes but for just going to friends or popping to the shops is my downside. All I wanted was some cute knits ready for winter to team with jeans or leggings. I was very successful.

 I got to see one of my other good friend Pauline on Friday night to which she open the door wearing this incredible knit. My mouth dropped I loved it! at first I thought it might be a wish or forever new or even a sass and bide. But when she told me where so got it from I went there the next day to pick it up. Of course I did asked Pauline first because I feel bad buying clothes that friends have, she said yes lol and now I can’t wait to wear it. The price was only $30.00 it was a steal! Honestly the photo below does not show its justice this is  neon green/ yellow

The next item was just by chance. I normally don’t go into Valley girl as they don’t normally have my style of items, plus I always wonder about the quality especially for the prices they offer, nevertheless I went in there and found the knit I had been searching for! It was only $19.95 as well.

The next I had to go buy a gift voucher for a work college birthday at my favourite spa Serene. Next door is the cutest boutique called Ginger Owl, straight away I picked up about 3 things to try on, but settled with only 1. It was one of my favourite brands to sugar and spice and this bad boy was only $55.00 so I was really happy with that price.  

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