Wednesday, June 12, 2013


So I thought I would share with you my nails from the past weeks. I decided to try the pointed nails look as I had seen other guru’s rocking them! I actually did like the way they looked BUT they were not practical at all lol. It was fine until I wanted to type, go on my Iphone or even just pick something up I felt like a air head bimbo which people would be like why is this woman bothering with those claws hahah. Nevertheless they did look cool. Here is Australia the Louboutin look (with the red painted underneath) hasn’t hit here yet, maybe in 5 years lol so I had to paint them myself. They lasted a long time normally my nails grow out so fast but this time they lasted a good few weeks, but my poor nails are paying for it now! I think I’ll be going back to Shellac.

Nail Polishes used for the above nails are
Revlon- Silver
China Glaze- Grafitti Glitter

Nail Polishes used for above nails are
Rimmel- 430 Coralicious
Chi Chi- Coral and Gold Glitter
I love the bottom Nails
I hope everyone is having an amazing week!
Trying to get lots of posts up this week!
Stay Tuned