Friday, April 26, 2013

San Fran

Hi everyone! I wanted to share some more pictures from America for you. This time from San Fran, the shopping here btw was amazing. I loved San Fran but felt after 4 nights it was time to move on. We stayed in Fisherman's Wharf which was so picturesque. The food and the surroundings where so enjoyable I could sit and look at the view for hours!!! Unfortunately this wasn’t the case though it was more like look at the view for a minute than move on because I was scared of frost bite lol but seriously was freezing there. When we arrived I had to go buy gloves and a headband that covered my ears, but it was truly a beautiful place to visit.  Lets just say for San Fran the outfits weren’t incredible I have to admit I was dressing for comfort.
The Streets are so beautiful, it reminds me of a fairytale.

The most amazing Sour Dough bread you'll ever eat. In the picture above you can see they make animals.. so cute

On the boat to Alcatraz


These were literally everywhere, look at the amazing colour.

We stood and watched the seals for half and hour they made so much noise,
was incredible being so close.  

Pier 39
Yay I hope you enjoy the second part of our America holiday. Up Next Vegas baby !!

Thursday, April 25, 2013


As you know I am an organising nut. I can’t wait to get into my wardrobe/ dressing room as soon as we find a house. Then I will have my own slice of heaven, a place I have always dreamt of.
One thing that really excites me is buying the furniture, organising and styling the room. One thing I have learnt through house hunting is that I do love home decor and home decorating.
One thing I am interested in, is finding out new ways to organise and display my Jewellery.  Finally I have found what I’ve been looking for. I love how this is practical and a stylish way to showcase some of my favourite pieces.

I think this will make me wear some pieces that I often forget about. I normally keep my  jewellery in draws, still organised but it can get messy from time to time. This way I believe by showcasing some of the best it will help my style my outfits better.
I plan on purchasing one of those white square units at Ikea. The display pieces above will be displayed on one of the shelves.
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Sunday, April 21, 2013


Just a quick post of how I Have had my nails the last couple of days. I love emerald green, so when I saw this colour it was sold!!
Polish Colours
Revlon - Silver
China Glaze - Grafitti Glitter

Monday, April 15, 2013

Beauty Joint Haul

I recently ordered some items from Beauty Joint. While in America I purchased an elf blush to which is now one of my favourite blushes of all time. I had to buy more!!! I was very happy with the products and brands on that site, which are literally a quarter of what we pay here in Australia. The only negative is shipping is quite expensive which is why I purchased a few things.
So excited to try out the cherry blossom eyelashes!! I ve heard such amazing reviews and there sooo cheap!
Elf Blushes shades
Mellow Mauve
Berry Merry
Peachy Keen

Every day Foundations
Elf Studio Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20- Shade Nude
Rimmel London- Clean finish Foundation- shade soft beige
Revlon ColourStay Mineral Mousse Makeup - Shade light to medium

Elf Lip Glosses’ shade
Pink Lemonade
Cherry Tart
Definitely go check this site out




Saturday, April 13, 2013

Makeup Collection

One of my favourite videos to watch is makeup collections and organisational tips.  I find it so inspiring seeing how other people organise their makeup.  I believe in not purchasing pieces, just to make my collection bigger, but purchasing good quality (not necessarily expensive) products that I will be able to make exciting new looks that match my skin, style and outfit for the day. I have always loved purchasing makeup and beauty products to which has over the years added to my growing hobby. This has been about 6 months in the making. I have slowly been buying furniture and containers to which I knew would suit perfectly into my theme, exploring outside the box of how I can creatively organise and store my collection to almost a form of art.  As I knew Nathan and I would be purchasing a house soon, I have bought my vanity and storage to set up my dressing room when we move in. Nathan has kindly said that one of the three rooms can be my official makeup / walk in robe area.  This is so exciting for me because I can’t wait to organise not only my makeup but my large jewellery and handbag collection too. This than will be my room to start filming my tutorials ect.
I hope you find this video interesting and helpful. Like I said this is one of my favourite videos to watch so thought this would a great idea to put onto my blog. Enjoy

Ok so this is the top of my Makeup tower. The draws are from Muji which I literally bought back from Times Square New York wrapped in bubble wrap x2 lol. I have my Sigma and Real Techniques brushes. I love these little glass pots I found at Ikea for only $1.95 I think there for candles but it just shows you with some imagination you can use it for anything. Mirror from Ikea as well.
All of My lipsticks are in the Muji Draw btw i have another Muji draw empty and a acrylic makeup box i got from the, ready for the new house.

This is from IKEA it’s the Alex 9 draw collection I want to get one for clutches and jewellery.

The Foundation, Concealer and Powder Draw. Btw these little white tubs are just from Big W I will be getting clear acrylics for these soon.

Blush and Bronzer draw. Blushes on the left and Bronzers on the right.

Some of my eyeshadow

Brows, eyeliner, mascara and eyelashes.

Some of my makeup pallets

Tools draw, cotton tips, makeup wipes, brushes ect.

Tanning and Lush draw

Hair draw, my main hair draw is in the Bathroom

Nail Draw


I hope you have enjoyed this! I am not 100% happy with this at the moment there is many improvements I am currently making. For example the white containers, I want acrylic ones instead. Also my everyday makeup is kept separate plus I have my makeup in my handbag, but this gives you a glimpse into some of it.
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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A night out with the Girls !!

Here are a few pic's of the beginning of April!

So I saw this amazing skirt on Alex from Hrh Collection and literally fell in love and had to find one here in Australia Immediately.  I got mine from Bardot, after lots of research.  The top is from Myers brand is Ladaka.
Here are 2 new bracelets I have shown in a previous jewellery haul, both from Collette. Nails are Shellac and I can’t remember the colour sorry and the bag is an America purchase from Michael Kors ... a new found love.
My Beautiful Girls
Computer Problems the rest wouldnt upload have a haul coming up!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Skin Care Haul

I have wanted a full skin care regime for a while now. I have been purchasing products here and there but nothing wowed me! I hadn’t seen any improvement on my skin and thought that I have to try something different. I hadn’t just been buying drugstore products either, some of these were big brands that were nothing but ordinary.

There were many things I wanted to achieve with my new skin care, these being.

1.       As natural and none harming as can be! As I have a full face of makeup on every day, I wanted to go with skin care that didn’t have strong perfumes and lots off added crap that did absolutely nothing to help my skin situation.

2.       I wanted a three or four step process. A cleanser, a toner, a moisturiser and an eye cream, all the same brand. I thought if I want this to work properly I need to have the correct foundations to get my skin the way I want it.

3.       My biggest frustration with my skin is the pores. Like every girl there is always one part they have problems with, mine being my massive pores that I feel swallow my make up whole leaving me by the end of the day, not fresh faced and with barley any make up on. Therefore it was important to get these suckers cleaned and minimised as quickly as possible.

After days of researching designer and drugstore I came across and Australia brand Natio!

Natio ticked all the boxes for me! I was looking at designer and drugstore, expensive and inexpensive and to me there was no difference between the $150.00 skin care and the $60.00. Natio had all the ingredients I needed to help minimise my pores. Like I mentioned above I wanted something with not too much perfume and added stuff to congest my skin with and this so far has been amazing.
The pack at the back with the three blue bottles are a three step process pack. Which was only $19.95 but they had, if you spend $35.00 you get a free gift which is bellow. ( Great gift btw all full sized amazing blush and mascara too) To get up to the $35.00 I also purchased a body scrub, eye cream and face scrub. I got to the counter and of course the pack wasn't included in the $35.00 which explains why i bought so much, But well worth it loving the products.
I purchased mine at Myers as they had the free gift but you can get it at David Jones, Priceline and Chemists

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!!

Jewellery Haul

As you know I have a strong love for my jewellery, so when I saw that one of my favourite stores for costume pieces had 50% off I was a kid in a candy store. My bestie and I went down to Colette on the first day of the sale and let’s just say I couldn’t carry enough!  Especially because this store is very well priced how it is, I was shocked when it was all 50% off. I thought it would be a crime not too stock up on some new piece to add to my growing collection.

The Above piece's are all from Colette.
Bellow are some that my dad bought back from Thailand for me.