Monday, April 1, 2013

Skin Care Haul

I have wanted a full skin care regime for a while now. I have been purchasing products here and there but nothing wowed me! I hadn’t seen any improvement on my skin and thought that I have to try something different. I hadn’t just been buying drugstore products either, some of these were big brands that were nothing but ordinary.

There were many things I wanted to achieve with my new skin care, these being.

1.       As natural and none harming as can be! As I have a full face of makeup on every day, I wanted to go with skin care that didn’t have strong perfumes and lots off added crap that did absolutely nothing to help my skin situation.

2.       I wanted a three or four step process. A cleanser, a toner, a moisturiser and an eye cream, all the same brand. I thought if I want this to work properly I need to have the correct foundations to get my skin the way I want it.

3.       My biggest frustration with my skin is the pores. Like every girl there is always one part they have problems with, mine being my massive pores that I feel swallow my make up whole leaving me by the end of the day, not fresh faced and with barley any make up on. Therefore it was important to get these suckers cleaned and minimised as quickly as possible.

After days of researching designer and drugstore I came across and Australia brand Natio!

Natio ticked all the boxes for me! I was looking at designer and drugstore, expensive and inexpensive and to me there was no difference between the $150.00 skin care and the $60.00. Natio had all the ingredients I needed to help minimise my pores. Like I mentioned above I wanted something with not too much perfume and added stuff to congest my skin with and this so far has been amazing.
The pack at the back with the three blue bottles are a three step process pack. Which was only $19.95 but they had, if you spend $35.00 you get a free gift which is bellow. ( Great gift btw all full sized amazing blush and mascara too) To get up to the $35.00 I also purchased a body scrub, eye cream and face scrub. I got to the counter and of course the pack wasn't included in the $35.00 which explains why i bought so much, But well worth it loving the products.
I purchased mine at Myers as they had the free gift but you can get it at David Jones, Priceline and Chemists

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!!