Friday, April 26, 2013

San Fran

Hi everyone! I wanted to share some more pictures from America for you. This time from San Fran, the shopping here btw was amazing. I loved San Fran but felt after 4 nights it was time to move on. We stayed in Fisherman's Wharf which was so picturesque. The food and the surroundings where so enjoyable I could sit and look at the view for hours!!! Unfortunately this wasn’t the case though it was more like look at the view for a minute than move on because I was scared of frost bite lol but seriously was freezing there. When we arrived I had to go buy gloves and a headband that covered my ears, but it was truly a beautiful place to visit.  Lets just say for San Fran the outfits weren’t incredible I have to admit I was dressing for comfort.
The Streets are so beautiful, it reminds me of a fairytale.

The most amazing Sour Dough bread you'll ever eat. In the picture above you can see they make animals.. so cute

On the boat to Alcatraz


These were literally everywhere, look at the amazing colour.

We stood and watched the seals for half and hour they made so much noise,
was incredible being so close.  

Pier 39
Yay I hope you enjoy the second part of our America holiday. Up Next Vegas baby !!