Saturday, April 13, 2013

Makeup Collection

One of my favourite videos to watch is makeup collections and organisational tips.  I find it so inspiring seeing how other people organise their makeup.  I believe in not purchasing pieces, just to make my collection bigger, but purchasing good quality (not necessarily expensive) products that I will be able to make exciting new looks that match my skin, style and outfit for the day. I have always loved purchasing makeup and beauty products to which has over the years added to my growing hobby. This has been about 6 months in the making. I have slowly been buying furniture and containers to which I knew would suit perfectly into my theme, exploring outside the box of how I can creatively organise and store my collection to almost a form of art.  As I knew Nathan and I would be purchasing a house soon, I have bought my vanity and storage to set up my dressing room when we move in. Nathan has kindly said that one of the three rooms can be my official makeup / walk in robe area.  This is so exciting for me because I can’t wait to organise not only my makeup but my large jewellery and handbag collection too. This than will be my room to start filming my tutorials ect.
I hope you find this video interesting and helpful. Like I said this is one of my favourite videos to watch so thought this would a great idea to put onto my blog. Enjoy

Ok so this is the top of my Makeup tower. The draws are from Muji which I literally bought back from Times Square New York wrapped in bubble wrap x2 lol. I have my Sigma and Real Techniques brushes. I love these little glass pots I found at Ikea for only $1.95 I think there for candles but it just shows you with some imagination you can use it for anything. Mirror from Ikea as well.
All of My lipsticks are in the Muji Draw btw i have another Muji draw empty and a acrylic makeup box i got from the, ready for the new house.

This is from IKEA it’s the Alex 9 draw collection I want to get one for clutches and jewellery.

The Foundation, Concealer and Powder Draw. Btw these little white tubs are just from Big W I will be getting clear acrylics for these soon.

Blush and Bronzer draw. Blushes on the left and Bronzers on the right.

Some of my eyeshadow

Brows, eyeliner, mascara and eyelashes.

Some of my makeup pallets

Tools draw, cotton tips, makeup wipes, brushes ect.

Tanning and Lush draw

Hair draw, my main hair draw is in the Bathroom

Nail Draw


I hope you have enjoyed this! I am not 100% happy with this at the moment there is many improvements I am currently making. For example the white containers, I want acrylic ones instead. Also my everyday makeup is kept separate plus I have my makeup in my handbag, but this gives you a glimpse into some of it.
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