Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Birthday Drinks

This weekend was one of my dearest friends birthday! We went to the Aviary to celebrate, The Aviary is a roof top bar in Perth City it was my first time there and i loved it !!!! Very Melbourne or Sydney feel to it.

The very modern Aviary in Perth City

Pauline From My Style Instinct

My Beautiful Ladies

Outfit - My Outfit was extremely cheap as i wanted a new skirt and since i only have like 1 shop where i work i guess K mart was it lol ( Like Walmart ect ) was on sale for $12.00. top is from Target and was $20.00 Necklace is from Colette and Green pointed shoes i got from Forever New.
Tried something new with my hair don't normally wear it straight !


Sunday, February 3, 2013


One of my first loves would have to be jewellery. I am obsessed probably because i worked in a costume jewellery shop for over 4 years!!! This jewellery shop for all the Auzzie's out there is Diva. So as you can imagine after all that time i do have a massive collection. Don't get me wrong I do love my real, everyday more expensive piece. I can not live without some of my fav piece such as my little collection of Tiffany's i was very spoilt from my family and by Nathan. So in the future when i hopefully do YouTube videos i will show my full collection.
 Here are some piece i bought and received recently so excited to wear them. From Colette or Diva

Great thing about all these pieces is the price.. there all under $20.00 and for most of them they were on sale for $6.00 which i couldn't pass up. I am an accessory's girl and I cant miss a costume jewellery sale.
For those who don't know Diva is manly Jewellery ranging from $5.00 up to about $40.00. since not working there anymore i am definitely missing the 50% off perk that came with working there.
The other pieces are from Colette. Colette is relatively new to Perth and has a mixture off all accessories including bags, wallets, clutches,watches jewellery and more !! Basically this shop gets me every time because its sooo cheap most jewellery is under $15.00. I do however find it does tarnish a lot quicker than Diva but a necklace for $6.00 i am not going to complain.
I hope you enjoyed this jewellery hall and no doubt there will be more to come. Like i said i am excited to show you all of it.
Suzie xox