Sunday, April 20, 2014

Victoria Secret Makeup Review

When people hear Victoria secret what springs to mind is not just their beautiful lingerie or hot ticket runway shows, it has become more of a revolution. The term bombshell or angel cannot be used without thinking of the decadent under apparel icon. Not only recognized for there under apparel, bathers or gym clothes but it has become so much more. Victoria secret isn't only the place all American girls go to buy there bras and panties but for some a one stop destination. Myself who has experience walking into 8 of their breathe taking stores knows that Victoria secret isn’t just about their lingerie but has transformed into so much more.
The runway shows are iconic, any social light, Musician, celebrity or fashion stylist is all wanting the front row tickets to the runway show of the year! The Runway shows for me are what make the VS name, after watching my first show in 2006 and seeing the candy land section and than to follow up with seal singing crazy, was where I knew instantly that this wasn’t another runway show, but a theatrical production that has grown and grown over the years. Ever since then I have been hocked! so walking into my first store in 2013 was an understatement to say I was excited!!!! My partner said I had never looked so happy to walk into a store before.
The word bombshell or angel is very popular now within the makeup and hair industry. I believe the most popular term would be there signature Victoria Secret curl. Many girls spend hours to create this look, and why not every girl wants their hair looking amazing when walking down the street or making an entrance into a party. I myself have strived to create this look! I believe what is hardest is getting that effortless/ I woke up with these curls look. For those wondering the best way I get my Victoria secret curls is to use hot rollers. I have actually had my hair done by a wonderful hairdresser who has worked for Victoria Secret and she gave me a few pointers :)
Now not only the long curly locks but let’s talk about the stunning Smokey eye! The makeup artist create this stunning, dramatic look without it looking to over the top and effortless chic. The term they use often is golden goddess which has come from there signature glowing tan and highlighting, another look that many girls try and achieve.
 So the marketing team at VS where very smart. They basically packaged and made what they believe are the best tools to recreate this look. The very first time I purchased some of the very sexy makeup I instantly fell in love and it was on my hit list for my travels to America. Let’s just say I am obsessed and can’t say enough good things about this makeup brand. It is extremely affordable but luxurious as well.
My collection so far ......

I will posting a review video over the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!
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