Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I am Back! I had the most amazing time away with my friends in Melbourne. It was so nice to get away for the weekend, I love spending time with the girls, it has been too long since we have organised a trip.
 We shopped up a storm, actually it was more like I shopped up a storm, the other girls didn’t have much luck with their purchases but of course I had no problems spending my $$$$. I was really happy with everything I did purchase as it will be perfect, practical outfits, I can’t wait to wear in winter.
Not only did we shop! we ate at some beautiful restaurants, I went to my first AFL football game, went to Flemington Racecourse (Nathan was so excited for this) and went clubbing. It was a jammed pack weekend but worth the small amount of sleep we had and the money we spent.
I highly suggest travelling to Melbourne. It is a completely different culture to here in Perth, its fun, exciting and vibrant; I loved walking down the modern, trendy streets filled with small boutique cafes and eateries.

Here are some of my photos from that weekend.




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Monday, May 13, 2013

OOTD / Update

Yesterday was Mothers Day!!! So Happy Mother’s day out there to anyone with children or expecting mums to be. J For my Mum we had a casual lunch at my sister’s house. It was lovely to spend the day together celebrating and remembering all the things our mums do for us on a daily basis. We always buy mum a pressie on Mother’s Day, this year was no different but I wanted to get her things that she truly wanted and needed. So I made her write a list, to which I put on the fridge for her to add to. This way I knew she was getting something she actually wanted. Money well spent I say. We ended up getting most items on the list and the smile on her face made it all worth it. I Hope everyone else mother’s day was great and you did something special for your mum.
Here are some snaps of my outfit I wore to my sisters.

Update- This weekend Nathan, I and about 10 of our friends are heading to Melbourne for Friday through to Monday. I know I know I just got back from America.... but they were cheap flights lol. I promised once we had this last hurrah we would knuckle down and get saving. I am very excited, not only for the amazing shopping.. (I can hear Chapel Street calling my name lol), but finally I am going to use my New LV its sitting up the top in my wardrobe waiting to be used. I thought my main purchase in Melbourne can be a nice wallet. See my theory was that I couldn’t possibly put an old wallet into my new LV hahaha.  God that sounds bad doesn’t it. Clearly I have problems lol
Stay tuned after Melbourne I'll have so new blog posts up.
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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Vegas Baby !!!

So now I am moving onto Vegas!
This was the third stop on our adventure through America. Vegas is awesome I understand why people love it. For me I thought the atmosphere was electric and I couldn’t stop staring at everything just to try and take it all in. I understand why this place would be fantastic for Hens , Bucks nights and even weddings but I feel Vegas is defiantly a place to go with a group of people. I struggled with some things in Vegas, mostly the smoking! I know have a much bigger appreciation for living in Australia. For me this is what ruined Vegas. I stayed at the MGM don’t get me wrong the hotel was amazing, the staff friendly and helpful but I struggled big time with the constant cigarette smoke. I think the worst part was they try to cover it up with a disgusting cheap smelling perfume which makes for nothing but a 5 day headache.  We did go visit other hotels which didn’t seem to have so much of a problem, maybe better ventilation.  The Bellagio! Where do I start, I wanted to stay there originally but for some reason didn’t!!! Epic fail lol the shops inside these hotel are just incredible, something you truly won’t understand until you have experienced them for yourself. Once you’re walking inside the gaming floor next your stepping onto cobblestone flooring which has a very Italian theme to it which makes you feel like you have stepped out onto a street in Rome,  then you stop and your surrounded by Chanel, Gucci and Dior.
We were very lucky we got to see the Grand Cannon it is a MUST if you are going to Vegas. The tour went from 6 am to about 5pm so we got our monies worth. The best thing about the tour is that we got to travel to places along the way to which we probably wouldn’t have travelled to. We went in this hot pink 4 wheel drive / SUV thing which were very luxurious. It cost around $280.00 for a full day including meals; it was defiantly worth every penny. I would highly suggest going.
OMG they plane ride was horrible, little did I know it was normal to have that much turbulence. For anyone that goes there don't worry the plane isn’t going to crash. Honestly thought I was going to die.


The strip! 

4 story MnM world.


 Caesars Palace shopping mall.
Outlet shopping! I am in love with Michael Kors cant wait to go back and add to my collection!
Bellagio foundations, the show is every half and hour

Grand Canyon

Breathe taking views was honestly incredible!


Nathan giving me a Heart Attack !!

Stay tuned for our final journey to New York!!!
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