Monday, May 13, 2013

OOTD / Update

Yesterday was Mothers Day!!! So Happy Mother’s day out there to anyone with children or expecting mums to be. J For my Mum we had a casual lunch at my sister’s house. It was lovely to spend the day together celebrating and remembering all the things our mums do for us on a daily basis. We always buy mum a pressie on Mother’s Day, this year was no different but I wanted to get her things that she truly wanted and needed. So I made her write a list, to which I put on the fridge for her to add to. This way I knew she was getting something she actually wanted. Money well spent I say. We ended up getting most items on the list and the smile on her face made it all worth it. I Hope everyone else mother’s day was great and you did something special for your mum.
Here are some snaps of my outfit I wore to my sisters.

Update- This weekend Nathan, I and about 10 of our friends are heading to Melbourne for Friday through to Monday. I know I know I just got back from America.... but they were cheap flights lol. I promised once we had this last hurrah we would knuckle down and get saving. I am very excited, not only for the amazing shopping.. (I can hear Chapel Street calling my name lol), but finally I am going to use my New LV its sitting up the top in my wardrobe waiting to be used. I thought my main purchase in Melbourne can be a nice wallet. See my theory was that I couldn’t possibly put an old wallet into my new LV hahaha.  God that sounds bad doesn’t it. Clearly I have problems lol
Stay tuned after Melbourne I'll have so new blog posts up.
Thanks Lovlies