Monday, December 30, 2013


Hi everyone!!!!
 I have missed this so much! I haven't written a post in such a long time. The reason for my absence is that i have finally started filming and editing my first videos to release on my Youtube Channel. I have been throwing all my time and energy into that at the moment as I am hoping to release my first video on the 1st Jan 2014. So make sure you go on and check out my channel style Couture beauty . I promise I will be back on here and writing my posts in the New Year!
On that note I wish everyone has a very safe and happy New Year.
Thank you

Monday, November 18, 2013

Pamper Night Essentials

There nothing more that I love than a girls night in or a pamper night. Since I can remember I have always loved these and I remember having my friends over for a pamper sesh while in high school. Being a girly girl I love everything about giving my body a relaxing night in to rejuvenate and unwind from a stressful week. My Pamper night usually starts off with a bath, face musk, hair musk, tan, mani and pedi.
Recently I was excited as I had nothing planned for my Saturday night, so while shopping I thought why not treat myself to a spa night in. I went and purchased a few goodies, I immediately thought of Lush! I was given some products as a gift and I fell in love. So I stopped by there and Priceline to pick up some essentials.

The Bath Bomb was a dream I didn't use the whole bath bomb as I didn't think it was needed. I actually cut it into quarters which I found was more than enough. The little black container is a travel or sample size of there cuticle butter which is great. Now that I've tried it I would buy the full size. And the silver container is an all purpose balm. I like this products except for the smell.

I found that this deep down detox really did cleanse my impurities and clean out my pores. The smell is pleasant and I didn't find it to harsh on my skin.

One word WOW I have never used a hot oil treatment on my hair before and this was exceptional! It is so simple and easy to use but I found it left my hair feeling light and conditioned. I had to use 2 of the little tubes because of my hair length but with a price of less than $10.00 I didn't mind at all.

And of course Candles. Nothing says pamper night more than filling the air with my favourite aroma.
Let me know how you like to spend your Girls night in!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

A quick OOTD

So I thought I'll I do a quick OOTD. I had a spot of shopping to do so my outfit was casual and comfortable. As  Australia is heading into Summer it was a beautiful 34 degree day so of course my outfit had to be stylish but also suitable for a hot day.
 As you would no by know I love Peplum tops and this one is just another in the closet of many. I love this coral colour which really spices up my normal black on black look, and of course now that its spring its nice to add some colour into my spring wardrobe.


Sorry for the bathroom selfies but wanted to take some before running out the door.
If you have any questions please leave a comment below.
Also I have started filming some videos for my upcoming Youtube channel is there anything you would like to see first?


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mua Haul

Recently I jumped onto Makeup Academy (MUA) website to check out some of there products and to see if there was anything I wanted to try. I had seen many amazing reviews on these products and I was dying to check them out.
As a fellow Australian I love watching some of my favourite YouTube ladies such as Lauren Curtis and Chloe Morello. Recently when watching Lauren I saw one of her older videos which was a Makeup haul, this was when I first heard about this brand. Lauren raved about the products so I was excited to purchase some items. My friend Vienna has also recently purchased some items from there and she couldn't say enough good things, so that was final, I had to purchase some for my own. Once I jumped on the website I was pleasantly surprised with the prices. Actually that would be an understatement as no other makeup in Australia was this cheap that came along with such amazing reviews. I ended up purchasing a few things and I believe it came up to just under $40.00.
I love the consistency of these, there are not sticky at all! There supposed to be plumping lip gloss but didn't find it had any effect. The best thing about them is that the colours are beautiful and not shear at all. The colours I got were Coral Couture and Hollywood

I can not rave enough about these lipsticks there great. The lipsticks are so pigmented the colour last forever. I got them in shades 4,7,12 and 13.

The Primers work great especially with my combination/ oily skin type. The only negative is the smell of the Pro-base! I cant stand it lol

As you would know by now I am a Concealer junkie! So of course I had to try them out immediately.
Both Concealers are in Shade Light. 

I originally got this glitter eyeliner as I watched a recent video by Chloe Morello who used one to make her signature winged eyeliner more dramatic. I loved the hint of glitter without it being tacky!

I can not say enough good things about these lashes and for $1.90 who can complain. The only negative is the glue it comes with is very tacky and not easy to apply I would suggest to use another glue.
So there it is I hope you enjoyed this haul. If you are looking for a little guilt free shopping than definitely try this brand out!
Until next time

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween Makeup!

For Halloween this year I wanted to go as a half dead/ skeleton of Marilyn Munroe. I do not normally celebrate Halloween but this year as I was invited to a Halloween party I thought I might as well go all out. I have seen SMLxo version and thought it was amazing, so the challenge we accepted I had to try it. I have seen many others pictorials and tutorials of this half dead look and loved the contrast between the two sides, I immediately started planning my outfit.

If you saw my last post you would see I did try this on my friend Lisa but other than this I have never really done this kind of makeup artistry before. So if it’s not perfect you’ll have to forgive me. These kind of looks have really inspired me to go outside the box and really get creative with makeup.

The finished look! I was really happy with the finish product, accept for the crappy wig lol. Let me tell you though it was a nightmare to wash off and it went everywhere.

I would love to see any of your Halloween looks please comment below and I'll check them out.

Thanks for checking my blog out!



Sunday, October 27, 2013


Growing up as a child I never went trick or treating, in Australia Halloween isn't a very big tradition for us so I never got to participate. Its one of those activities I thought I would enjoy more when I was a child, but playing and experimenting with makeup and making up scary looks has been extremely entertaining for me. I was obsessed every since I saw Stephanie(SMLxo) do tutorial and I knew that I couldn't wait to try out different, fun and exciting ways to play with makeup and new products I wouldn't have used before. 
My friend Lisa had been invited to a Halloween party and we were brain storming on ideas of what she could go as. It was between school girl and cheerleader. She decided on half dead cheerleader. One side normal the other dead looking.
We were extremely happy with the way it came out! It becomes so addictive because we started with the face then moved to neck than moved onto arms to finish of the look with bruises and cuts.

We started with a bare face we did apply primer to the face as we need the makeup to be long wearing. To stick down the eyebrow and to make it a lighter colour we used white soap.

Moving forward a few steps. We added a light/white foundation to half of the face. We also went over it with white eye shadow and translucent powder to set the foundation but also to keep it matte. We than coloured it the hallow points in the face so the eye socket, jaw, temple and teeth. I used the NYX jumbo pencil in black which was perfect but again used a black eye shadow to set it.   

In this photo you can see I added some grey eye shadow to contour and blend, this adds an extra dimension. I also used the white NYX jumbo pencil to make the teeth whiter.

We than applied the glamorous side of the cheerleader, making sure we used lots of bronzer to contour and highlight.

Than the fun begins making bruises and cuts. We added fake blood for more of an effect but to also give it extra texture to make it appear even more real.

The final look! Of course it wouldn't be a cheerleader without pigtails so we did one normal cute and curly the next teased and messy.


I hope you enjoyed this half dead cheerleader look. I would love to see any other Halloween Tutorials or Pictorials please leave a comment below and I'll check it out.

Thank you to beautiful Lisa for being so patient.

Until next time



Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lunch Date OOTD

Today's outfit of the day was a casual, comfy and stylish look. I am not normally a girl that wears jeans but for today as I wanted to dress down this shirt it was a perfect match. I teamed it with a brown smokey eye, gold accessories and brown clutch which I thought mixed well with bright shirt without being to over powering.
Shirt: Portmans
Jeans: Jeans West
Cuff: Colette Hayman
Clutch: Michael Kors  
Ring: Lovisa

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