Monday, November 18, 2013

Pamper Night Essentials

There nothing more that I love than a girls night in or a pamper night. Since I can remember I have always loved these and I remember having my friends over for a pamper sesh while in high school. Being a girly girl I love everything about giving my body a relaxing night in to rejuvenate and unwind from a stressful week. My Pamper night usually starts off with a bath, face musk, hair musk, tan, mani and pedi.
Recently I was excited as I had nothing planned for my Saturday night, so while shopping I thought why not treat myself to a spa night in. I went and purchased a few goodies, I immediately thought of Lush! I was given some products as a gift and I fell in love. So I stopped by there and Priceline to pick up some essentials.

The Bath Bomb was a dream I didn't use the whole bath bomb as I didn't think it was needed. I actually cut it into quarters which I found was more than enough. The little black container is a travel or sample size of there cuticle butter which is great. Now that I've tried it I would buy the full size. And the silver container is an all purpose balm. I like this products except for the smell.

I found that this deep down detox really did cleanse my impurities and clean out my pores. The smell is pleasant and I didn't find it to harsh on my skin.

One word WOW I have never used a hot oil treatment on my hair before and this was exceptional! It is so simple and easy to use but I found it left my hair feeling light and conditioned. I had to use 2 of the little tubes because of my hair length but with a price of less than $10.00 I didn't mind at all.

And of course Candles. Nothing says pamper night more than filling the air with my favourite aroma.
Let me know how you like to spend your Girls night in!