Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mua Haul

Recently I jumped onto Makeup Academy (MUA) website to check out some of there products and to see if there was anything I wanted to try. I had seen many amazing reviews on these products and I was dying to check them out.
As a fellow Australian I love watching some of my favourite YouTube ladies such as Lauren Curtis and Chloe Morello. Recently when watching Lauren I saw one of her older videos which was a Makeup haul, this was when I first heard about this brand. Lauren raved about the products so I was excited to purchase some items. My friend Vienna has also recently purchased some items from there and she couldn't say enough good things, so that was final, I had to purchase some for my own. Once I jumped on the website I was pleasantly surprised with the prices. Actually that would be an understatement as no other makeup in Australia was this cheap that came along with such amazing reviews. I ended up purchasing a few things and I believe it came up to just under $40.00.
I love the consistency of these, there are not sticky at all! There supposed to be plumping lip gloss but didn't find it had any effect. The best thing about them is that the colours are beautiful and not shear at all. The colours I got were Coral Couture and Hollywood

I can not rave enough about these lipsticks there great. The lipsticks are so pigmented the colour last forever. I got them in shades 4,7,12 and 13.

The Primers work great especially with my combination/ oily skin type. The only negative is the smell of the Pro-base! I cant stand it lol

As you would know by now I am a Concealer junkie! So of course I had to try them out immediately.
Both Concealers are in Shade Light. 

I originally got this glitter eyeliner as I watched a recent video by Chloe Morello who used one to make her signature winged eyeliner more dramatic. I loved the hint of glitter without it being tacky!

I can not say enough good things about these lashes and for $1.90 who can complain. The only negative is the glue it comes with is very tacky and not easy to apply I would suggest to use another glue.
So there it is I hope you enjoyed this haul. If you are looking for a little guilt free shopping than definitely try this brand out!
Until next time