Thursday, April 25, 2013


As you know I am an organising nut. I can’t wait to get into my wardrobe/ dressing room as soon as we find a house. Then I will have my own slice of heaven, a place I have always dreamt of.
One thing that really excites me is buying the furniture, organising and styling the room. One thing I have learnt through house hunting is that I do love home decor and home decorating.
One thing I am interested in, is finding out new ways to organise and display my Jewellery.  Finally I have found what I’ve been looking for. I love how this is practical and a stylish way to showcase some of my favourite pieces.

I think this will make me wear some pieces that I often forget about. I normally keep my  jewellery in draws, still organised but it can get messy from time to time. This way I believe by showcasing some of the best it will help my style my outfits better.
I plan on purchasing one of those white square units at Ikea. The display pieces above will be displayed on one of the shelves.
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