Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Last but finally not least New York

Ok so finally I have my blog on New York!! Oh how I missed New York what’s not to love right? The shopping, entertainment, lights, atmosphere and fine dining aghh take my back to February. I didn’t realise while I was over there how much I love the big apple. Nathan and I were talking about it and we cannot wait to rush back. We were lucky we had 11 nights there because everyone was like you can never have too much time in New York. This is true by the way! We were there 6 days before we had even seen the Hudson River. God know what we were doing but before you know it, it’s gone in a New York minute.
Everything is so fast passed here, I felt overwhelmed at times with the lights and people going by. Constantly memorised with what was happening next. I felt my mouth was on the floor the whole time as I was trying to take in as much as I could locking it away in my memory.
We only took 2 taxis the entire time we were in New York as we wanted to experience everything by foot, also this way if we wanted to stop we could. One thing I love about America is that the shops don’t shut at 5pm. I remember Nathan and I arrived at like 12 o’clock at night but we were too excited to sleep we walked to Times Square which was breathtaking! It was electric and buzzing, even though it was late at night. Shops were still open, restaurants still serving food and beverages it was truly like this place never sleeps.


The day i bought my first LV



Nathan is too cute he got my these 12 stem red roses for my birthday they literally up to my hips. I was so sad when I had to leave them behind!

Birthday dinner at Budakan The restaurant in the first Sex and the City movie where Carrie and big have there engagement! It was amazing!




I loved America I can't wait to go back!!
I also want to do a blog on my purchases so look out for that.
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