Monday, August 26, 2013

Everyday Makeup Pictorial

I love viewing pictorials, even though this isn’t a step by step pictorial I thought it would be fun to see the products I use and in what order. Some may say how hard is it to put on makeup! What I find exciting is that you could get a group of beauty lovers together, give them the same products and tell them to put them on, chances are not all of them use the same technique. Everyone has their own method, rules and application steps to getting ready in the morning. One thing I have noticed many beauty gurus doing differently from me is they put blush on last, my preference is to complete my face first and then move onto eyes, I like to finish one section than move onto another. So this isn’t wrong by any means but it just shows us that makeup can be objective, it doesn’t have to be the same which is why it’s fun, exciting and definitely interchanging! It is really true what they say, Makeup is really an art form and your face is the canvas, cliché maybe, but it’s true.  






The finished product!
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