Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Hi Everyone, So its Christmas Eve and I am exhausted!!!! End of work well at least for two days, Gifts wrapped and under the tree, Nails done, Fake Tan done and hair straight! Finally 9.30 and i can relax. I doesn't feel like Christmas for me yet because I've been busy for the last couple of weeks but finally its hit. Especially now that i have a niece and nephew who make Christmas exciting again.I cant help but spoil them as i love seeing my niece Isla rip open her prezzies. I am so excited this year because she has been asking for a washing machine for weeks, i hunted high and low and finally found one. I should mention she just turned three so she loves all that stuff. I bought her a full laundry pack ironing board, iron, washing machine and clothes line.

I have been buying lots of prezzies i swear for everyone i bought i bought something for myself! Ill take photos of everything and my gifts i got after Christmas. Whats even more exciting is the boxing day sales not sure if ill get time to go but defiantly on the weekend. NOTE TO SELF - Suzie America .... no spending!!!!!

Have a great Christmas !!!!!!!