Monday, December 10, 2012

First Blog !!

Hi everyone!

Yay First Blog Ever!!!!!! Iam So excited to get started. I have finally got the courage to start my blog something i have wanted to do for some time now. So thankyou to my fellow blogger and amazing friend Pauline from Instinctofstyle and my bestie Kate for the spell checking and to Nathan for putting up with my expensive shopping trips lol otherwise i would have not been able to get started! I feel like i have so much to talk about and share as i am so excited about 2013 so much is happening. Firstly i am going on my trip of my life time, something i have planned for many years now..... America !!!! Finally i can actually purchase items instore lol iam so excited about what seems such simple things to other, but so very precious to me such as Sephora, Alta and Victoria Secret to name a few.  Iam counting down the days until my partner Nathan and I get on the plane and arrive in LA. Secondly Nathan and I are wanting to purchase a house together! And thirdly Thailand for New years 2014 !!!! So very very very expensive year ahead.

                  Speaking of expensive i cant wait to purchase my first designer bag in America !!!!!