Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Prezzie's

Hello, I hope everyone had a happy, safe Christmas. My Christmas this year was jammed pack. Nathan and I left at 7.30am and didn't get home to 10.30 pm 4 Christmas in one day!!!! So was very tired on boxing day. As always i received some amazing gifts from family and friends! Cant wait to try some out. I have taken photos of everything as i love seeing photos over lots of rambling Lol.

I was very excited as i purchased my first clear cude, kardashian makeup box or clear acrylic cube whichever you call it from the Makeup Box Shop I love my cube but was a little disappointed at the size!! In the photo it looked huge but when i received it in the mail i was small. The price was $142.00 i thin with free postage. I also got a mirrored tray to store perfumes in but when i saw the size it was huge lol i cant win so now it will be more of a coffee table centre piece i think.

I received some amazing things from Chi Chi that Nathan bought me. Nail Polishes, bath salts, bronzing dust and finally a Hard drive. Swear I am the only person who doesn't have one!!!
My lovely friend Pauline spoilt me with some Lush goodies which I am so excited to try out!. And some jewellery from Colette which would have to be one of my most fav shops at the moment.
Nathan and i got lots of $$$$$ for our travels to America. And we also got lots of gift vouchers for Myers to shop in preparation for America.
These are some of the beauty gifts i received! Thanks for viewing my blog today please leave a comment if you have any questions.