Thursday, September 26, 2013

Saturday Shopping

Naturally I am a sucker for beauty magazines and advertising, so when my weekly delivery of junk mail showed up to my house I was a very happy girl. My favourite department store here in Australia is Myers and I received their beauty mag with lots of new products and some things I have been eyeing off for quite some time now. I immediately called my girlfriend to arrange a shopping day on Saturday. Of course I was ecstatic about this soon to be shopping spree, but my bank account wasn’t. We spent most of Saturday walking through our fav shopping centre trying out and seeking for new products and new outfits to put together.
 As many of you would have seen from my wish list post there were some things I had wanted to purchase and try, I was so happy that I got to get the Million by Paco Rabanne perfume I had wanted. I couldn’t stop thinking about it; it was truly love at first smell, lol.I was lucky I picked up some other bits and pieces, but my friend Pauline who came with me really got some amazing bargains. There are so many sales on here in Australia because its coming into the hotter months, many stores are getting rid of their winter stock to make room for all the spring and summer fashion, it was a perfect chance to pick up some sale items.


Lovisa had a 3 for $10.00 sale so I purchased 6 items all but 1 being rings and 1 necklace. I couldn’t believe the prices as some of these rings originally were $14.99 each I really could miss up this opportunity.

I have wanted a pair of these sunglasses ever since I saw Alex from HRH Collection wearing them. I opted out of spending $400.00 dollars on a pair of designer ones as I think this will be a fashion that goes quickly. So when I spotted them in Dotti (a clothing store here in Aus) I was delighted, especially because they suited my face well and were only $20.00!

Oh course I couldn’t go shopping without a trip into my favourite drug store Priceline! I didn’t purchase much here this time but I did buy a Australis Concealer that Pauline had suggested.

I did for once buy something other than accessories, I know shock and horror right! It wasn't much but I purchase this beautiful peplum top by Jag and a simple black dress from Miss Shop both from Myers.

Thanks for viewing my blog! I have heaps of new blogs ready to put up, which will be going up after Monday next week. This weekend I am going on a mini getaway with friends so check out my instagram and future blog posts for OOTD