Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Unfortunatley my poor brushes have been neglected lately, since having my Sigma brushes i am ashamed to say that they have not had a propper cleaning until today! I have watched many beauty guru's video's on how they clean there brushes and what they use to clean them ect.
Today even though i just got back from America, and have done all my shopping for the next 5 years lol, I still couldn't resist going to my favourite shopping centre Karrinyup. I have missed that place, wow i have a problem. anyways of course I went into Priceline ( Priceline is a drugstore to buy makeup, beauty, medicine ect ). There i was looking at all the brush cleaners, to my surprise when i smelt them i was shocked. I knew it wouldn't smell like roses but i couldn't stand the smell and was no way going to even put that on my brushes to which they than go onto my face!!!! I was talking to the lady at the counter who said that she uses Johnston's Johnston Baby Wash. I had heard of this before as it is much more gentle and didn't smell like paint remover. I decided to purchase the baby wash which was amazing. Keep in mind I hadn't washed my brushes in about 2 months ( I know it pains my to say it) all the makeup came off quiet easy, leaving the brushes back in there original form but smelling amazing. I would highly suggest to try this before using anything which has such harsh chemicals in it.

Warm Water and Baby wash
Make sure you dont leave your brushes as long as i did. Hopefully this post will help keep your brushes clean.
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