Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New Hair

Let me just start by saying WOW! I couldn't believe how long I had left my hair for!
I am very lucky when it comes to my hair. I don't have to style it to much and when it comes to dying it the colour seems to stay in longer than others. This time though I had hit a new extreme, I am embarrassed to say this, but it was literally 4 months since I had dyed my hair last. Yes 4 months not a typo. Anyways I didn't really notice that it had changed so much but when I did dye it I was amazed. I am loving my new colour and I promise I will NEVER let it get that bad again!
So I thought I would show you some of the steps and products I use to dye my hair. Because I do a all over colour and do not do highlights ect I have started doing it myself. The reason for this is that in Australia a quality cut and colour can cost anywhere from $150.00 to $350.00. This way I go to my local hair store "Price Attack"(like a Sally's for the USA girls) and get the products I need to do it myself. The funny thing is that it only costs me $30.00 using the same products that my hairdresser uses! I know why wouldn't I right. From my experience and talking to friends this is a much better way than buying the DIY boxes that you can purchase at supermarkets. I have heard that the box sets don't last long in your hair maybe 3 to 5 weeks tops, and can damage your hair more than at the salon.
So far so good, I am really happy with the results.


Such a Difference! I am loving my new hair colour.
Let me know any of your DIY hair colouring tips.
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