Tuesday, May 17, 2016


I have always wanted to do one of these on my blog so when I saw that Elf had come out with a perfect dupe for the Nars duo in Laguna and Orgasim I thought it would be perfect for my first one.

Obviosuly from the brands there is a very big price difference between the two. My overall opinion is that the Elf blush and bronzer is just as good as the Nars so if you can not afford to try out the Nars please dont miss out and try the Elf.

Left is Elf Right is Nars 

The bronzers are nearly assact. I cant even tell the difference of which one I prefer. The colours are almost the same the texture and the way it looks on my skin is flawless with both. The only little difference is that I think the Nars one does stay on my skin a little longer.

With the blushes the organisgm is a little deeper in colour but there is not to much of a difference. On this skin they both look incrediable applying the most perfect blushy pink colour. Both blushes are super pigmented and apply beautifully on the skin. Again like the bronzer if we are getting really picky the Nars one stays on longer than the Elf. The blush from Elf also has a little more glitter in it so if this isnt your thing than go with Nars

I find myself using the elf one on a daily basis, especially the bronzer, with a price point of under $15.00 it doesnt matter if you go through it.

If you are picticular with packaging like I am I bet your thinking that the Elf wouldn't be as nice! But in fact there are both the same in my opinion.

Overall if your on a price crunch than defitiley try out the Elf one but if you like to splurge on a quality product than the Nars is for you!