Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sydney IMATS 2014

Sydney Imats 2014
The getting ready mess! 


So as I announced many times now I recently went to Imats Sydney and let me start off by saying what an amazing time I had. The whole trade show was an great experience and I only wish I can go again. I didn' really know what to expect when walking through the doors, but before I had even walked through the gates I must have showed up at the most perfect time because my taxi driver dropped me off right on 11.10 right infront of the beautiful Karissa from Satnightsalrite. I have had the pleasure of meeting her before but I was shocked to see her there with her boyfriend and a massive group of fans standing around her. I was shocked when  I was handed a cute little bag with 2 pairs of her lashes in it. How lovely was that!!!  
Than I walked in, straight in front was Mac to which I made my way over immediatley. The Mac line and counter was busy, now that I think of it I don't think it was as busy as I had first imagined. But it was a bit of a snatch and grab job. Some advice for people going is to have a list! Mine list considered of 3 items which where favourites and also sold out! Therefore I was just looking and grabbing and maybe not making the best decisions, however now I am happy with everything I bought. There was 20% off Mac which I thought was a really good deal as we all know Mac never has sales so I took advantage, but now thinking of it I should have bought more. One thing I can not believe I didnt buy was Lipsticks. I didnt buy one I think the reason for this was that it was 3 people deep and was'nt going to take the risk of getting an elbow in the eye lol Just joking but seriously it was a bit hard. The line actually wasnt to bad for Mac I probably waited around 30 mins to which while standing there I added another 2 things to my basket. Overall with my discount I only spent $138.00 as it was my first stop I didnt want to spend all my money.  
While waiting in the checkout queues you can watch everyone walk by with there bags. I than spotted a hot pink and black bag...... It was Sigma! I died I had been looking at the exhibitors list for weeks and they were not on there. It turns out there came under a company that brings them to Imats which is why we didnt know. So of course I b lined it through the crouds past other booths to find Sigma. I found it!!! It only had about 7 people deep around it the whole time lol but I had a voucher from work which was a prepaid credit card for $250.00 so I knew that was going to be spent on Sigma. We all know I am a massive fan of Sigma and have really needed some more brushes so this was perfect.
So after Mac and Sigma I had time to wander around and just spend time exploring through the booths and exploring some new brands I had never heard of before. I was excited to buy some new products and stock up on some lashes. I find it so funny that I went to Imats and did NOT BUY ONE LIPSTICK!...  What it wrong with me? lol I have been loving my lipsticks latley but I just didnt! So weird.
By this time it was about 2.00 I hadnt really looked to see who would be speaking but I was so happy to go sit down when I did becuase I watched the most incredible Mackeup artist to which I could not walk away from. I literally looked at my watched after listening to her it was 3.30 she was so good time just flew. Her name is Nicole Thompson a senior artist for Mac - she works mostly now in Editorial such as Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Shop til you drop, Cosmo and Womans Day to name a few. Not only does she work in editorial but also devotes most of her time in televsion on shows such as The Voice, Australian Next top Model, The today show and today tonight. I found everything she said to be so usefull and informative. I loved how she explained everything in a way that anyone would understand and after her coaching and tips be able to do. I loved her attention to detail with the priming and the preporation of the face. We all want our makeup to stay on longer, to look dewer or to stay matte!  however I now realised that most of us dont give it the time it needs to make sure that the foundation to your makeup stays on to therefore prolong your makeup. The time she spent on the model on the face alone was crazy. Now I defitley dont have the time to do this everyone morning before work, but I do relaise it takes a little more than a face moisturer and primer to make your makeup stay on. If you get the chance check her out honeslty I learned so much I was really in a trance and couldnt take my eyes off.

Her website is
After watching the amazingly talented Nicole I went for a wonder through all the other exhibitors I stumbled across a both that sold Makeup Forever! I was so excited to try out some of there products I had never bought anything from this brand before so was excited to try it out!!! By this time I had spent way to much money but could'nt pass up on this. From what I have used of this brand so far the products I purchased are incrediable. They last all day when I wear them without making my skin greasy. For me this isn't always easy finding products that stay all day but they do. I ended up purchasing 1 concealer, 1 bronzer and a pressed powder. I really wanted the HD foundation however Icould not find a colour to match.
These minx lashes by Egyptian Queen are bananas!!!
By this stage it was around 4 pm and my feet where getting sore :) so I decided to call it a day I had gone to all the exhibitors, meet and witnessed some talented and amazing people . Imats was honestly amazing I can't wait to go again. My word of advice is to save all year because once you get there you won't be able to stop!

I hope you enjoyed this post my Imats haul video will be up in the next couple of days so make sure you check that out!